South Africa – Timbavati – Part 1: The journey begins

Did you ever hear about „canned hunting“?

You can book a trip to South Africa including a hunt, you can shoot a lion in his cage and get it taxidermied and wrapped – delivered duty paid – to your home or office.

Lion taxidermy   Canned-Hunting-3   Taxidermy_Lion-445x320

Today, no White Lions exist in the wild.

The White Lion Reintroduction Project was ‘officially’ birthed in 2001 with the publishing of Linda Tucker’s book “Mystery of the White Lions: Children of the Sungod”, which was the result of 10 years of research and first-hand experience of the White Lions’ natural history and mythological origins.

(German edition Die Löwenfrau, Allegria Taschenbuch)


51kDSTW1K2L  maxresdefault Deepak Chopra saving-white-lions-cover

Linda Tucker´s work wins a world wide audience through her books and reading tours…

Linda-Story-4  Linda-Story-1  Linda-Story-2  Linda-Story-5

Marah was the first original white lioness rescued by Linda Tucker in her project of reintroduction.

2-marah360x300-Lightroom-960x620-380x245      12_article-1283436-09DEEC1E000005DC-99_224x498

Her name means ‘mother of Rah, the sungod”. She formidably shattered all misperceptions about white lions not being able to hunt and survive in the wild – she successfully raised her cubs (Zihra, Letaba and Regeus) to adulthood under free-roaming conditions and taught them to hunt self-sufficiently. Her hunting success rate was comparable to the wild-born tawny lionesses that were observed in the same environment, under the exact same conditions.

LindaTucker_PhotographerHennieHoffman_lr LindaAzan-900x345-Lightroom Jason-Turner-and-lion

Today, without increased protection, the White Lions of Greater Timbavati still face extinction in the near future. Linda Tucker and her team urges CITES, the IUCN and the South African Government to list the White Lion (Panthera leo tsau) as a critically endangered sub-population and increase protection measures of this rare and culturally revered animal.


So, I´m on my way and I cu… there.

(pictures and information by courtesy of Global White Lion Trust)

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3 Kommentare zu “South Africa – Timbavati – Part 1: The journey begins

  1. Katrin Lee sagt:

    Liebe Patricia,

    einen wunderschnen Trip nach SA und ich bin bespannt auf Deine Erlebnisse, liebe Gre Katrin

  2. Annette Charpentier sagt:

    Nice one, Patricia. I’m with you on that one – in spirit

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