The CHAMELEON… Trailer & Summary in English.

(c) Michael Kroetch

As fatalities accumulate in a Berlin recycling company, nobody seems to notice. Nobody except Rebekka Schomberg. She’s gifted with a rare talent of mimicry which allows her to fit in everywhere and which opens doors to people and places she needs information from. So she begins her own secret investigation into the deaths at the recycling company and soon stumbles upon a treacherous art deal and a hushed up crime… But her adversary is quite aware of her chameleon talent and knows it will be easy to erase her from the world. She is somebody who lives an unseen life, so it is clear she will not be missed… By anybody.

Patricia Holland Moritz was born in then Karl-Marx-Stadt, Ex-GDR. She worked in Leipzig as a bookseller, in Paris as a tradeswoman for an express company, she did Northamerican studies in Berlin, worked there as tourmanager for music bands and then moved to Munich for a publishing house. Meanwhile she lives in Berlin and still works in the publishing business. She is writing the regular internet column „The Spirit of Kasimir“ and publishes short crime stories in anthologies. Together with Christian Führer, former priest and initiator of the Peaceful Revolution that ended the GDR, she wrote his autobiographie “And we have been there” (2009, Ullstein). For „Outcast“ she received the author´s grant of  the Berlin senate. „The Loneliness Of The Chameleon“ is the start of a Berlin crime series about Rebekka Schomberg.

Michael Kroetch’s fiction has appeared in several literary magazines in the USA. He received an NEA fellowship. Two of his theater plays have won national playwriting contests and, in its annual festival, The American Film Institute honored one of his videos as among the world’s top 20 art videos of that year. He has recently completed the action-packed and wild fantasy adventure novel, “BLIZDELIA and the HOUDINI MOON”. Michael Kroetch lives in Berlin, Germany. Follow his work on

The Book

The extract shown in the trailer the chameleon (3)


If you are interested in licencing my book Die Einsamkeit des Chamäleons, please feel free to contact


6 Kommentare zu “The CHAMELEON… Trailer & Summary in English.

  1. Wollentarski, Norbert sagt:

    Liebe Patricia,

    Du wirst ja immer internationaler, jetzt auch im englischen Sprachraum, toll. Vielleicht hätte man als Zusatz noch schreiben können „was born in Karl-Marx-Stadt, Ex-GDR, now again with the primary name Chemnitz“
    Du siehst, ich mache mir Gedanken…
    Viele Grüße

  2. borntomove sagt:

    Woman, you f…ing blow me away – hört sich echt spannend an – how do you get it all done??? And I LOVE the Irish accent…. The sky seems to be the limit – TV, Hollywood – God knows where this all will be leading you. (But in the meantime it’s good to know that you’re ar your desk whenever I need you…) Kudos, Angelika

  3. And I ll be always ALWAYS be at my desk when you need me. Wherever that desk will be 😉

  4. MrBkavanagh . sagt:


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